Kate Ricke is an interdisciplinary climate scientist who combines methods from the physical climate sciences, including Earth System Modeling and analysis of environmental observations, with methods from decision theory and risk analysis. My work focuses on a range of climate policy topics—including climate geoengineering and international human migration pressures of climate change—with a consistent theme of characterization of the strategic implications of regionally heterogeneous climate outcomes and quantification of decision-relevant uncertainties.

I am an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego (UCSD), in a 50-50 split position between the School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). I am a founding faculty member of the Environment & Policy Group. I am a core faculty affiliate of Scripps’ Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, a faculty affiliate of the UCSD Deep Decarbonization Initiative and an advisory board member for the UCSD Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.


  • Pascal Polonik, Scripps PhD student (2018–)
  • Jessica Wan, Scripps PhD student (2020–)
  • Marissa Saenger, Scripps PhD student (2021–)


  • Keita Kadokura, Scripps MS student (20192021)
  • Victoria Lawless, GPS MPP student researcher (20202021)
  • Marena Lin, GPS Postdoc (20192020)
  • Jacob Moul, UCSD Undergraduate (20192020)
  • Amaya Singleton, Scripps SURF student and University of Arizona Undergraduate (20212022)
  • Detelina Ivanova, Scientific Programmer (20192021)
  • Morgan Block, Scripps MAS student fellow (20192020)